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Why Does My Dog Do That?! The Keys to Understanding Your Dog


The live workshop is over but the full recording is available for purchase. 

If you are like most dog owners, YOU LOVE YOUR DOG, but sometimes she just drives you crazy.

  • Maybe she's barking at everything, jumping on everyone or lunging and growling during your walks. Maybe you are just embarrassed to take her anywhere!

  • You can't get her attention on walks or even just when you are outside. 

  • You've stopped having company over for fear of what she'll do.

  • She is suddenly DEAF when you call her to you!

Well, it's NOT because your dog doesn't love you or respect you ... so then WHY?

Dog training and behavior follows a clear set of science-based principals, and when you have a clear understanding of the scientific principles that influence dog behavior and training, you are in the "driver's seat" to eliminate unwanted behaviors, build desired behaviors, and have the dog that you dream of.

The presentation will provide effective strategies to train and strengthen the behaviors you want (i.e. sit, come when called), and information on how to stop unwanted behaviors like barking and jumping.