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Aggression in Dogs. Let's Talk about Aggression .... for REAL


The live workshop is over but the full recording is available for purchase. 

Feeling like you've failed your dog? Blaming yourself?

Aggression of all kinds can be a real challenge. 

Is your dog growling at you when you pet her and she has a bone? A toy? A favorite chewie? It kinda hurts, doesn't it? After all, you LOVE your dog and she's growling at you.

Or maybe you can't move her off the couch, or off your bed or off her bed for that matter. Geez-Louise, why is she doing that?

Or maybe your dogs are fighting with each other....that's the worst. Now they have to be separated. 

There are many types of aggression and there are many layers to aggression. 

Join us for an honest conversation about all kinds of dog aggression:

  • Resource guarding
  • Dog-dog aggression
  • Aggression towards the owner
  • Stranger danger aggression

Denise has over 30 years of working with people and their aggressive dogs. 

She won't be able to fix your dog in 1.5 hours, but she can shed a lot of light on your situation. 

You'll have some real-life techniques to try right away.

And you'll have a much better understanding of your dog and how to really help her.


Join me for this informational, honest webinar on dogs and aggression. 

You will have replay access for 1 year for any webinars in this series that you purchase.